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FES hangs up his Rads guitar strap for good.
Posted: 1/1/2013

Yes folks that’s right. Most of you may know by now, but for those who haven’t been to a show for a while.....

Fes Parker, long serving Radiator. iconic guitar player, and all round cool guy, did his last show with the guys back on 31/12/12. After 30 plus years he has decided to move on to explore other avenues.  This was a very amicable split with the Radiators, they still remain close friends and road buddies. Fes simply decided the time was right for him to pull back, and after many many years of hard touring he definitely deserves to do just that.

Brian, Geoff, Mark , and a legion of loyal fans thank Fes for the past, and wish him every success in the future ...all the best to you mate...

Now people, please welcome to the stage ..... (drum roll Mark)

Stepping up to fill the void left by Fes’s is one of Sydney's much in-demand guitarists, Brent Dehn.

Brent is a sensational guitar player, he is proving a force to be reckoned with and the guys were lucky to grab him!

Over the years Brent has carved out a name for himself around Sydney with rockin’ bands such as Happy Hippies, Funhouse, Just Die Young, Retromania, as well as guest appearances with major touring/recording artists, Wendy Matthews (guest vocalist on ‘She’ album), Doc Neeson, Matt Finish and Dragon. 

Brent is also the founding member of WRECKING CREW as well as the outrageous DEE MINOR & THE DISCHORDS!

Brent lists amongst his favourite guitar players and influences:

Ritchie Blackmore, Jeff Beck, Hendrix, (Fes—of course), Ian Moss, Dave Leslie, Jimmy Page, and the late great Paul Kossoff.

Brent brings a special kind of excitement to the Radiators with his dynamic style, his relentless rock guitar work, and his very ‘real’ & ‘classy’ approach to live playing. Brent carries on the tradition of the two Combo guitar amp format faithfully reproducing that ‘classic Radiators sound’ all the while adding his own touch and style to it!

Brent has been a long-time fan and friend of the Radiators, with nothing but the utmost respect for his predecessor. He may be the newest member of the band however, this guy has done the miles and plays it like he means it. Delivered with respect, fineness and accuracy.


Brian, Geoff and Mark are feeling, energized, refreshed, and with their newest member on board, continue to carry on with the business of rocking their audiences and turning out first rate performances night after night!

So if you haven’t heard him yet, come on down and check out the new line up featuring ‘Blistering Brent Dehn’ on guitar!

Same classic Rockin’ Rads, but with a new face!

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