The Radiators

Australia’s Most Iconic Rock Band

Born in the Western Suburbs of Sydney in 1978, The Radiators are one of few Australian bands still thrilling audiences week after week.

The Band

Brian Nichol
Geoff Turner

Studio Albums

Rads Feel the Heat
Feel the Heat

1 Summer Holiday
2 All Of Your Love
3 Reason
4 Comin’ Home
5 Numbers
6 17 (I Wish I Was)
7 Nancy Can’t Dance
8 Hit And Run
9 It’s Easy
10 Radiation
11 Fess’ Song
12 Gimme Head

Up for Grabs

1 Up For Grabs
2 Roomfull Of Diamonds
3 Nothings Changed
4 It Wasn’t Me
5 Restless
6 Something Wrong
7 Automatic
8 Bustin Out
9 I Go To Pieces
10 Sex
11 Out Of It

Scream of the Real
Scream of the Real

1. How Does It Feel
2. Sitting in My Armchair
3. Gravitational Pull
4. Living on a Razor’s Edge
5. You
6. No Tragedy
7. Comin’ Back for More
8. Right Before My Eyes
9. Don’t Call Us
10. Getting Closer
11. Too Much Too Soon